The dry heat of a traditional sauna starts with a heater that heats a pile of rocks. These rocks radiate heat into the room. In most saunas, you can pour water over the heated rocks to generate some steam and boost the humidity slightly --although nowhere near the level of a steam room. Saunas have a vent, usually found near the floor by the heater, that continually introduces fresh air and limits the humidity buildup. Some saunas use infrared light rather than radiant heat. Saunas are built of wood as metal and tile conduct heat and become uncomfortably hot to the touch. In addition, wood absorbs moisture, which not only keeps the surfaces cooler but also helps pull humidity out of the air.

A steam room uses a boiler or steam generator, to boil water and release it into the air. Unlike a sauna, a steam room is nearly airtight, so the humidity builds to 70-80 percent. The air is so damp that water condenses on the walls. Steam rooms often have sloped ceilings so the water will run down the walls, rather than drip on the occupants. Steam rooms are surfaced with non-porous materials, such as tile, that can tolerate high levels of moisture without becoming damaged. ​​

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about ​thermal bathing

Close your eyes and bask in the luxury of thermal bathing.

Feel the tension slide away, as your pores open, thoroughly cleansing your skin. Indulge in an experience that promotes total well-being and enjoy the added benefit of weight loss, improved circulation, lowered cholesterol and blood pressure.  As you revel in this experience, you can feel confident that your body is totally relaxed, relieved of unhealthy toxins and stress.


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Thermal bathing has been around for thousands of years and is an important part of many cultures. There are two primary methods of thermal bathing: steam rooms and saunas. In both sauna and steam room, the user is encouraged to sit or lie, promoting additional relaxation. Saunas utilize dry heat, usually through hot rocks or a closed stove, while steam rooms generate moist heat utilizing a generator to boil the water, thus creating steam. Both can open up your pores, loosen up your muscles and help you relax